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It’s the latest craze in town!

Have you seen or heard of angry birds? I do not know if birds are really capable of getting angry. Let’s leave that concern to Discovery channel or Animal Planet. I’m talking about the computer game named Angry Birds. It’s the latest craze in town! I guess my crazy little town is quite behind time but they say better late than never. Yohoo!

I discovered this game by chance. It was last week of June this year. I found it on TVs and checked out on site ads –i tried to download it. That was my ABA started. Oh, I invented the term ABA. It means, Angry Birds Addiction. Crazy, isn’t it? Just like Plants Versus Zombies, at first I had griped over its being a no-brainer game. I was wrong. It wasn’t a no-brainer after all. When I started playing Angry Birds, I became unconsciously hooked with it.

Nowadays, i’m now “crazy” (hahaha) yeah! that’s how i quote myself. “Crazy of collecting stuffs of Angry Birds”. However, i’m enjoying my addiction without being “angry” as it named, indeed.


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