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FooL that i am, in my despair.. i keep on writing letters, though i know you’re not there ;’c

To be alone with just a memory, this is perhaps my destiny, to be alone. You left me here with just the walls to see. I know you’re meant for me. You left me, but there is one thing, you didn’t count on, far beyond your imagination. I kneeled and I prayed, and I received a much greater consolation. Now i share a greater love. It’s not so bad for me to be alone. With my head bowed and on my knees, I prayed and I cried. He dried my tears and promised that he’d forever be at my side. He’ll be my friend beyond eternity. It doesn’t worry me to be alone.

Nothing goes right, everything’s wrong. I don’t know what it means to smile. Since you’ve gone I think of you, with all my heart. Don’t let just a foolish quarrel keep us apart. I’m so alone, one thing i know, I’d rather die.


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