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**fan signs**

Ever see someone holding a homemade cardboard sign up at a sports game (hockey, football, baseball, cricket, rugby, etc) field, arena or stadium? Well that’s a classic example of a sports “fan sign” (a sign a fan makes to cheer on their favorite team or player)! This fan sign of mine is Mr. Jim Carrey holding a crazy proposal for me just for FUN.

A digital fan sign

is basically any hand made (usually hand written too) sign (from paper sheets, posterboard, whiteboards, etc) with text that was made by a fan of yours (maybe a fan of your website/blog/forum, fan of your band, best friend). Often the person who created the fan sign will pose to a camera to capture a photo of them with the sign they made (converted to a JPG web image). These signs are made with phrases or nicknames that prove the sign was made for someone in particular so they cannot be used on any site. These passed on signs then get displayed online like trophies on various websites, the more collectors have, the more they feel that people admire them.


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